Texas Restaurant Advisors will be your guide through the sale of your restaurant. Normally, this process can take 8 - 12 months but every business is different. Here are a few things a seller can expect to happen when working with us and the information needed to package the business for sale.

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  1. Initial Call and Meeting
  2. Sharing of General Business Information and Financials
  3. Discuss a Price Opinion
  4. Exclusive Service Agreement
  5. Gather Required Documents and Prepare an Executive Summary
  6. Develop a Profile and Strategic Marketing Plan
  7. Prospective Buyer Screening
  8. Offers, Negotiation, and Agreements
  9. Opening Escrow and Closing
  10. Final Inventory, Transfer and Training

Texas Restaurant Advisors also works on the buy side and we help you find an existing restaurant for sale, a space for a full build out or restaurant that is not for sale buy may consider if approached. Normally, purchasing an existing restaurant or one that is not operating but fully furnished is more cost effective than a build out. Before purchasing a restaurant, here are a few questions that may help you in your decision.

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When you are ready to proceed, we can talk about your criteria, your timeline and we will check our network of sellers. If you have an acquisition target you have identified or have questions about, we can make confidential contact and gauge their level of interest in selling as well.

  1. Is this restaurant right for me? Why am I buying?
  2. How will I pay for it? Will I need SBA or other financing?
  3. Why is the seller selling?
  4. Who are the competitors and does this business have an advantage?
  5. What are the demographics of the customers?
  6. How many employees do they have and how long have they been employed and who are the key personnel?
  7. Is the property leased or owned? If leased, what are the terms and can the lease be assigned?
  8. What licenses and permits will I need to operate and what are the costs of them?
  9. If a franchise, what is the name and what are the terms of a transfer including fees?
  10. Are gross sales increasing or decreasing? Is the business profitable?